Dark eye circles


A four-month programme that visibly lightens dark eye circles and delivers a more youthful appearance by sharply reducing undereye lines and wrinkles. The eye area will be clearer and more refined, with clients appearing fresh and well-rested.

Programme Details

8 sessions Undereye Britelase Toning

8 EPION Skin Eye Rescue Wraps

No downtime

Sessions & Frequency

Total 8 sessions
1 session every 2 weeks
45 minutes

Each session begins with the Britelase treatment followed by an Eye Rescue Wrap

Client Suitability

Best for those with dark eye circles due to undereye discolouration, fine lines and wrinkles, thin and fragile skin, and milia seeds and bumps

Vibrant Eye Revival


Clients are first prepped with a topical numbing cream before the Britelase laser treatment. A popular lunchtime facial, the FDA-approved Britelase lightens pigmentation by breaking up pigmentation targets into smaller particles, which are then cleared by the body’s immune system. Skin around the eyes is concurrently lightened with improved collagen generation to brighten the appearance of dark rings and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Electrowave ablation can be added to eliminate unsightly lumps and bumps caused by overactive oil glands, warts, or cholesterol deposits.

The session concludes with an EPION Skin Eye Rescue Wrap to further rejuvenate the eyelid area and accelerate the healing process.


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