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Forever Clear Broadband Light (BBL) is an FDA-approved treatment that uses broadband light to comfortably and effectively target active and cystic acne, calm skin inflammation, and soothe facial redness. This three-step approach first targets P. acne bacteria at its source before reducing redness and inflammation for clear, glowing skin.

Reduced breakouts and healthier skin may be achieved over time.

This three-step process first uses a blue filter to eliminate the P. acne bacteria and reduce future breakouts. A yellow filter is then used to reduce active acne, inflammation. A final round of light treatment is to accelerate the healing of the skin and decrease oil production in acne-prone areas.

Depending on the severity of a patient’s acne, several treatments are usually required to ensure the most effective results. Treatments are spaced a few weeks apart.

Forever Clear BBL has no downtime. Daily activities can resume after a treatment, including using makeup to cover any redness.

Forever Clear BBL (ACNE)

Expected Results

Clearer skin can be achieved with each treatment. Within weeks, reduced redness, breakouts, and acne marks may also be seen.

The longevity of results is dependent on factors such as diet, lifestyle, and skincare. Sunscreen is highly recommended to prolong the treatment’s results.



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