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FDA-approved PICO Pulse laser treats visible pigments with laser energy delivered in high-powered picosecond and nanosecond pulses. Capable of delivering up to 10 joules of laser energy in a single shot, the PICO Pulse laser ensures that minimal heat is generated to effectively remove pigment spots without injuring surrounding tissue, thus reducing downtime and unwanted effects.

PICO Pulse laser is safe and effective against superficial and deep pigmentation, and can be used as an effective tattoo removal treatment.

Protective goggles are first put on to protect your eyes from the laser. Using a precise hand-piece, high energy picosecond and nanosecond pulses are delivered safely to the skin, fragmenting melanin and pigments. Clients may experience a slight tingling sensation during the process.

The PICO Pulse Laser can also remove different colours of tattoo ink on the skin. Depending on the type and severity of pigmentation, repeated treatments may be needed to effectively remove all visible marks. Each procedure can be completed within 30 minutes.

While some clients experience redness after the procedure, this usually disappears after an hour. Exposure to direct sunlight should be minimised after a PICO Pulse laser treatment. Clients are highly recommended to apply sunscreen once the skin has healed completely.

Pigment Laser (Pico Pulse Laser)

Expected Results

Pigmentation will lighten gradually with each treatment. Three to six sessions are often needed to ensure complete pigment removal.



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