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At EPION Clinic, we adopt an innovative and educated approach to beauty. Founded in medical precision and guided by aesthetic finesse, we combine both technical and creative expertise to enhance your desired image.

At the heart of our approach is a system of synergistic treatments designed to restore and refine your innate beauty. Our customised treatment programmes combine the most up-to-date, results-oriented technologies in order to address all of your face, skin, and body concerns.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of personal attention and care. Each consultation at EPION Clinic begins with a comprehensive medical assessment that reviews face, body, skin, and hair concerns on three levels: cellular, anatomical, and geometric proportions. This assessment becomes the foundation of your EPION treatment plan formulated to achieve optimal cosmetic results.



We believe in working with you, for you. We prioritise and listen to your concerns to develop a treatment plan that is not only safe and effective, but designed to offer you comfort and convenience. External beauty has the power to influence and boost the internal state of mind. By integrating client care, technological innovation, and aesthetic expertise, we strive to bridge the balance between body and mind.


With over 18 years of medical experience, Dr Melvin Tan has developed a distinctive approach of marrying beauty and science. An Ophthalmic-trained aesthetic physician, Dr Tan holds a first-class honours degree in Medical Sciences and Neuroscience from University College London. He also currently serves as a trainer and is one of five regional faculty members of the Allergan Medical Institute who travels around the region to deliver talks and train doctors on facial beauty and injection techniques.

The EPION method is a culmination of Dr Tan’s experience and exposure to  a culturally diverse clientele, having worked with globally distinguished clinics in the US, UK, and Thailand. He is respected for his creative and aesthetic dexterity, as well as his technical finesse.

Dr. Melvin Tan

Even after years as a practicing doctor, nothing is more rewarding than seeing my client’s newfound confidence in the way they look. I believe it’s the little things that make us feel more like ourselves — not radical transformations, but minor refinements that allow us to feel more comfortable in our skin. Slight enhancements, as I call them, enable our bodies to look and perform well.

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Dr Melvin Tan
MBBS (UK), MRCSed (UK), DPDerm (UK)


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