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CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-invasive fat-freezing treatment that uses controlled cooling to reduce or eliminate stubborn fat deposits. As the only FDA-approved fat freezing technology, Coolsculpting safely targets and destroys fat cells. Over time, the body naturally removes these cells. The procedure provides lasting results, sculpting trouble areas and giving them more definition.

As a provider of CoolSculpting in Singapore, we work closely with you to develop the best treatment plan for your needs. Multiple cycles may be conducted in a single session, and up to two areas can be treated at the same time with two machines. It may take more than one visit to achieve your goals.

CoolSculpting technology targets fat cells beneath the skin and cools them to temperatures that result in their natural death. As the fat cells are crystallised faster than normal cells, the surrounding tissue and skin remain undamaged. The body will metabolise the fat cells that are eradicated. While diet and exercise reduces the size of fat cells, CoolSculpting effectively kills the fat cells.

The treatment is delivered with a CoolSculpting suction applicator, which cools the targeted area. Clients will experience a pinching sensation for the first 10 minutes. The treated area will then become numb and painless for the rest of the procedure.

Each treatment lasts between 35-45 minutes with little to no downtime. Occasional bruising, swelling, and tingling in the treated area may occur, but usually resolve within a week.

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Expected Results

Clients can expect to see changes within four weeks after their treatment, but optimal results are noticeable after two months. As the body continues to metabolise the fat cells, effects may continue to be seen up to six months after the treatment. Side effects are uncommon but can include numbness in the treated areas.

While some clients experience changes after one treatment, the number of treatments required depend on each individual’s goals.



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