Filler Acne Scar Therapy


Instantly soften deep-pitted scars with natural hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Quick, visible results are seen as depressed scar tissue is elevated to the level of healthy, surrounding skin, restoring the appearance of smooth skin.

Programme Details

2cc Dermal Fillers

1 session LED Red Light Therapy

Minor injection-related side effects can occur including redness, tenderness, swelling, and bruising. These will subside in a few days

Sessions & Frequency

Total 1 session
60 minutes

Session begins with Dermal Fillers followed by LED Red Light Therapy
A touch-up session may be required

Effects last 1 year

Client Suitability

Best for those with scattered, deep scars, particularly rolling and boxcar scars. Suitable for all types of depressed scars from acne, chicken pox, or skin injuries

Fast Acne Scar Therapy


Unlike other time-consuming scar treatments, FAST utilises microinjections of dermal fillers to instantly and visibly restore volume to depressed scars, reducing and evening the appearance of deep scars. A topical numbing cream is first applied for 30 minutes to maximise your comfort. an ultra-fine needle is used to simultaneously free scar tissue and to deliver the filler, which will elevate the scar.

This treatment concludes with LED light therapy to accelerate the natural healing process, boosting the microcirculation and formation of collagen and elastin.


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