A complementary programme designed to revitalise the eye area by restoring volume and directly delivering hydration where needed. In tandem with undereye texture nourishment, hollows below the eyes are gently volumised to improve the appearance of tear trough defects and eyebags. Clients will discover instant, visible improvements and a rested, rejuvenated appearance.

Programme Details

1cc Hyaluronic Acid Filler

3cc Skinbooster Microinjections

Mild swelling of the undereye skin in the first 2 days is common as the dermal filler will initially absorb water. Bruising may, but is unlikely to, occur, and can be covered with make-up. Any bruising will subside within 5 days

Sessions & Frequency

Total 3 sessions
1 session every 4 weeks
60 minutes

Client Suitability

Best for those with dark circles due to eyebags and tear trough deformity

Also recommended for those with eyelid skin textural concerns such as dryness, crepey skin, thin skin, wrinkles, and pigmentation

Medi-Facials Eye Vitality


Each session begins with the application of a topical numbing cream. A volumising natural dermal filler is used to gently plump up undereye hollows and reduce the appearance of eye bags. Fullness may also be added to cheekbones for improved contouring.

Following this, a hydrating, skin-boosting dermal filler is injected into the superficial eyelid skin. This restores luminosity and tone, and replenishes the natural support structures that have degenerated with time.


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