Clean, Calm, Clear


Achieve cleaner, clearer skin with this hybrid programme that combines the patented four-stage technology of HydraFacial MD and FDA-approved Broadband Light (BBL) to deep cleanse, detoxify, and balance. Oil production is better regulated and inflammation is reduced for calmer, smoother, blemish-free skin.

Programme Details

5 sessions HydraFacial MD

5 sessions Forever Clear Broadband Light (BBL)

5 Oxygenating Facial Masks

No downtime

Sessions & Frequency

Total 5 sessions every 4 weeks
90 minutes

Each session begins with the HydraFacial MD followed by Forever Clear Broadband Light (BBL) and an Oxygenating Facial Mask

Client Suitability

Best for clients with moderate to severe acne, sensitive skin, facial flushing, and redness

Clean, Calm, & Clear


Using patented technology, HydraFacial MD rejuvenates skin through a four-step resurfacing treatment that combines deep cleansing, effective but gentle exfoliation, painless vacuum extraction, and intense hydration through vortex serum infusion.

Following HydraFacial MD, Forever Clear BBL — an FDA-approved acne treatment — uses pulsed broadband light to comfortably and effectively target active and cystic acne, calm skin inflammation, and soothe facial redness without the need for medication.

Each session concludes with an Oxygenating Facial Mask to increase absorption of essential nutrients.


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