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As the most central feature on the face, the nose is a major landmark for facial beauty. At EPION, we are able to reshape and contour the nose without invasive surgery. Using only dermal fillers, we can define the nasal bridge, lift and project the nose tip, correct asymmetry, and even out bumps and depressions. We always aim to create a beautiful, symmetrical and well-defined nose bridge that is in proportion with your facial features.

This quick treatment for nose fillers in Singapore produces balanced, natural-looking results without downtime.

You will first meet with Dr Melvin Tan to discuss your treatment goals and ideal nose shape. During this session, your nasal profile will be examined and assessed in relation to your overall facial structure.

Prior to the treatment, numbing cream is applied to maximise your comfort. A micro cannula is used to accurately place the filler in the nose bridge. Once injected, the area is then molded into the optimal shape and position.

This treatment is very comfortable and takes under 30 minutes to complete.

There is no downtime involved and clients may resume normal daily activities almost immediately after treatment. Minor injection-related side effects such as redness, tenderness, swelling, and bruising, may occur. These will usually subside in a few days.

Expected Results

This treatment restores nasal symmetry and balance with natural-looking results.

Clients can expect to see a more defined nasal profile with a higher nose bridge position and lifted nasal tip.



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