Luminous Skin Renewal


Our signature chemical peel series that effectively acts against acne and acne scars, in addition to addressing signs of photoageing such as fine lines and pigmentation. This two-stage programme delivers brighter, smoother skin that is less oily and blemish-free. Skin is visibly less pigmented and more even.

Programme Details

1 session Enzyme (AHA) Peel + LED Light Therapy

1 session Porcelain Peel (Trichloroacetic, Salicylic, Retinoic Acids)

No downtime after Enzyme Peel
Skin will flake and peel for 2-3 days on the third day after Porcelain Peel

Sessions & Frequency

Total 2 sessions within 1-2 weeks
60 minutes

The Enzyme Peel is applied on the first session, followed by the Porcelain Peel during the second session

Client Suitability

Best for clients with active acne, large pores, oily skin, post-acne marks, and scarring

Also recommended for skin conditions associated with ageing, sun damage, and an active lifestyle such as pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles

Luminous Skin Renewal


In the first session, an exfoliating Enzyme Peel is applied to gently clear dead skin cells and increase blood flow, thereby stimulating collagen regeneration while nourishing the skin. This is followed by painless LED light therapy to accelerate healing and reduce inflammation, redness, and breakouts.

After one week, trichloroacetic, salicylic, and retinoic acids are applied to remove the outer, damaged layer of skin. This reveals clear, luminous, baby smooth skin beneath.


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