EPION Super Glow

Address visible ageing and dull skin with this powerhouse trio that nourishes, firms, and corrects. EPION Super Glow tightens, brightens and corrects with the combined powers of LDM Triple, Clarity Dual, and EPION Skin Firming mask.

Programme Details

1 session Clarity Dual

1 session LDM Triple

1 session EPION Skin Firming mask

No downtime
*Also available as a package of 6

Sessions & Frequency

1 session every 4-6 weeks
75 minutes

Each session begins with Clarity Dual, LDM Triple, and an EPION Skin Firming mask

Client Suitability

Best for addressing superficial pigmentation, visible signs of ageing, and dull skin.


The non-invasive Clarity Dual delivers laser energy safely to the deeper layers of skin, while its hybrid cooling technology acts as a swift anesthesia, allowing for a comfortable treatment. Clients will experience a warm sensation during treatment. This is followed by the painless LDM Triple session to accelerate healing and reduce inflammation, redness, and downtime. The session concludes with a collagen-rich EPION Skin Firming mask to plump and refresh skin.


Experience the difference with EPION.

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or email contact@epionclinic.com for information.