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At EPION, our eye contour dermal filler treatment addresses common cosmetic concerns such as dark eye circles and a constantly tired appearance by better bridging the transition between the upper cheek and lower eyelid.

These cosmetic concerns are often caused by eyebags and undereye tear trough deformity: eyebags form due to weakened muscles in the lower eyelid that allow fat to protrude outwards, while tear troughs are a facial depression between the lower eyelid and upper cheek.

The eye contour filler softens the appearance of eyebags and tear troughs to refresh a tired appearance.

Numbing cream is first applied to maximise your comfort.

An ultra fine needle or micro-cannula is used to accurately place the filler in the undereye or cheek area, depending on the cosmetic concern we are addressing. Tear trough depressions can be corrected by injecting filler in the hollow between the lower eyelid and upper cheek, while the appearance of eyebags can be softened by injecting filler below the eyebag or in the upper part of the cheek.The injected areas are then massaged to promote the integration of the product into the tissue.

This treatment is very comfortable and takes under 30 minutes to complete.

There is no downtime involved and clients may resume normal daily activities almost immediately after treatment. Minor injection-related side effects such as redness, tenderness, swelling, and bruising, may occur. These will usually subside in a few days.

Expected Results

Expect to see a refreshed appearance with brighter and more energetic eyes.

Clients will also experience a reduction in dark eye circles and a reduction in the appearance of tear trough depressions and eyebags.



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