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The Ultraformer 3G represents the next generation of HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology. One of the latest non-invasive skin lifting treatment for both face and body, it utilises the world’s first and only Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound (MMFU) technology to tighten and lift skin for effective, lasting results with no downtime.

This nearly painless treatment has seven calibrated cartridge depths to elicit multi-layer contraction for facial, neck, and body contouring. It also effectively reduces wrinkles and improves overall skin laxity.

Numbing cream is applied prior to your treatment to maximise your comfort.

The main treatment areas are identified and a layer of ultrasound gel is spread over the skin. This allows the smooth handpiece to easily glide and deliver MMFU energy, which penetrates the skin and selectively targets various structural components at different depths.

With ultrasound energy focused at the 4.5mm depth, the Ultraformer 3G non-invasively targets the fibromuscular (SMAS) layer of the skin — the same layer that plastic surgeons tighten during a facelift. Ultrasound energy focused at the 2 and 3mm depths will lead to firmer, more elastic, and younger looking skin.

Some tingling or warmth can be felt during this treatment, but most clients find this treatment very tolerable and do not require oral painkillers or sedation. A full face treatment takes no longer than 45 minutes.

Clients may return to normal activities immediately after as there is no downtime. Mild redness may occur for a few hours after the treatment. A small percentage of patients may experience soreness, swelling, tenderness, and tingling around the treated area, but these generally resolve within a few days.

Expected Results

This treatment delivers gradual, natural-looking results. Some firming effects will be visible immediately after the treatment, with skin tightening and lifting effects continuing to improve with time. The final result appears around 90 days post-treatment.  

Depending on the degree of skin laxity, a second treatment may be recommended and can be done two to three months after your first treatment to improve longevity of the results.



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