Sylfirm: Microneedling RF

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A revolutionary treatment that fades discolouration, calms redness, and reveals your skin’s inner brightness. Developed in Silicon Valley, Sylfirm is the world’s first SR3 (Selective Regional Regeneration Radio Repeated Pulse) technology which uses ultrafine microneedles to transmit targeted pulsed radiofrequency energy to the basement membrane and dermis layers –– treating redness, melasma (pigmentation), scars, and fine lines –– to promote overall skin health.

A numbing cream may be applied for added comfort. The ultra-fine microneedles are then gently applied to the skin to transmit targeted radiofrequency energy pulses to the dermis and the basement membrane, a transition layer that sits between the epidermis and dermis and is responsible for transferring repair substances to the epidermis and dermis layers.

Clients will experience a mild prickling sensation. However, unlike other microneedling treatments, Sylfirm is very comfortable and safe on all skin types.

Most clients report minimal downtime. Mild redness may be visible immediately after the treatment. This should subside within a few hours.

Expected Results

Achieve a brighter and more luminous skin tone, reduced fine lines and acne scars, minimised pores, and diminished brown spots. The unique SR3 technology targets only unhealthy blood vessels responsible for rosacea (redness), melasma, or even acne marks and scars.

Continued Sylfirm treatment every 2-3 months is highly encouraged to maintain healthy, glowing skin.



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