LDM Triple

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The LDM Triple (Local Dynamic Micromassage Triple) uses a patented technology that combines ultrasound waves of different frequencies (1mHz, 3mHz 10mHz, and 19mHz) to improve overall skin health for firmer, supple skin.

During this non-invasive treatment, triple-ultrasound waves are applied at an intensity that painlessly "massages" your tissue structures to accelerate hyaluronic acid production for long-lasting moisture and elasticity.

LDM Triple also addresses sensitive skin conditions while boosting skin immunity by targeting and controlling the enzymes in our skin that can cause inflammation (acne, eczema, rosacea), as well as activating the proteins needed for healthy, stable skin.

Safe for all skin types, LDM Triple can be used to treat dry skin, dull skin, and sensitive, inflamed skin caused by eczema, acne, and/or rosacea.

Using a handpiece, triple-ultrasound waves of 1/3/10 MHz or 3/10/19 MHz are delivered safely to different layers of skin to hydrate, brighten, soothe, and nourish. Clients may pair this painless treatment with an EPION signature sheet mask or as a complementary treatment to injectables and lasers.

Each treatment takes 15-20 minutes. Clients may experience a warm, painless sensation during the process.

This comfortable, non-invasive treatment is painless and requires zero downtime. Clients can wear make-up and resume daily activities immediately after treatment.

Expected Results

Visible results can be seen after a single treatment session. Skin immediately feels more hydrated and an improvement in skin tone and elasticity can be observed.

For maximum benefits to maintain healthy skin, we recommend a treatment frequency of one session a week for the first 6 sessions.



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