Rejuvenate tired, ageing eyes with the SupErb Eye Repair. Similar to the SupErb Skin Repair, this programme combines full field and fractional laser treatments to turn back the clock on aged and damaged skin around the eyes. This resurfacing programme not only visibly tightens and tones; it also stimulates cellular regeneration for lasting results.   

Programme Details

3 Microlaser Peel + Profractional XC around and under the eye area
3 EPION Skin Eye Rescue Wraps

Skin first becomes red and swollen, akin to a sunburn, immediately after treatment, followed by 5 days of flaking and peeling

Sessions & Frequency


Total 3 sessions
60 minutes (excluding skin numbing)

Each session begins with the Microlaser Peer and Profractional XC and concludes with an EPION Skin Eye Rescue Wrap

Client Suitability

Best for clients concerned with aged and damaged skin around the eyes, including fine lines, deep wrinkles, crow’s feet, thin and crepey skin, and discoloured undereye skin

Electrowave ablation can be added to remove unsightly lumps and bumps caused by overactive oil glands, skin tags, or cholesterol deposits


A topical numbing cream is first applied to lessen any discomfort the client may feel during the session. Most clients report little discomfort during the session, noting a prickly sensation with each pass of the laser.

We begin with a MicroLaserPeel to remove the topmost layer of damaged cells for superficial skin resurfacing. At this stage, skin will look visibly more vibrant. The ProFractional XC laser then safely creates multiple pinpoint micro-channels, stimulating collagen regeneration deep in the dermis while plumping up skin and smoothing lines.

Each session concludes with an EPION Skin Eye Rescue Wrap to boost skin recovery and renewal.


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