Ever Heard of the Phi Golden Ratio of Beauty?

There is that saying: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The fact is, though, beauty is also universal and innate. All of us recognise beauty because the secret to beauty is actually in symmetry and proportion: 1 to 1.618 to be exact.

Over 2500 years ago, Greek mathematician and sculptor, Phidias, discovered the golden ratio to create appealing symmetry in his sculptures. Today, this same ratio is used by scientists to study the attractiveness of a person. The Phi golden ratio outlines what the proportion of the face should be — for example, the proportion of a nose in relation to the length of its face.

The beauty of the Phi golden ratio is that it is a universal standard of beauty — people who exhibit the golden ratio are considered attractive despite looking very different from one another. At our clinic, we use the golden ratio to guide us in formulating facial enhancement treatments for a more accurate and natural result.


To achieve your optimal golden ratio, we can enhance your facial features by using a combination of our CE and FDA certified technologies.


For wider faces, Botox and micro-focused ultrasound is used to slim the face. For narrower faces, volume and width is added by using dermal fillers around the cheek and temple area.


With our Forehead & Temple Contouring programme, forehead proportions can be corrected by increasing the forehead height or by lifting the eyebrows.


Lower face proportions can be significantly improved by enhancing the lips to optimise the upper and lower lip ratios with our Designer Lip Fillers treatment or by augmenting the chin length and projection with our Chin Enhancement treatment.


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